FredDeeCropLiving Hope Fellowship is based on our Living Hope, Jesus Christ.

Our Pastor Fred Hiemstra and his wife Dee have retired from ‘full-time’ ministry.  As he likes to say, ‘I will always be in ministry…I’m just retiring from full-time ministry.’  They currently live in Banning.  Their eldest daughter Katie lives nearby with her husband Ramon, son Ryan and daughter Hannah.   And daughter Rachel and her husband Robert with their sons Isaac and Judah also live nearby.  This means they can easily do more babysitting of toddlers Isaac and Judah, as well as more fun stuff with teens Ryan and Hannah. 

Fred was Music Minister in a local church when he sensed God calling him to further his spiritual education. He received that education at Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Upon returning from school, he served as Asst. Pastor in the same local church for three years. Being led by God to start a ministry with the vision of ‘Learning and Growing Together’ in our Living Hope, Jesus Christ, he incorporated and founded Living Hope Fellowship in Rialto, California.  After 32 years faithfully serving the family of God there, Pastor Fred retired  in 2019.

Pastor Fred’s focus was to be ‘His Hands Extended’ through a balanced ministry, teaching the fullness of the Word of God along with the richness of His Spirit.

 His goal now is to continue ‘getting the Word out’ that he has preached and taught for over 30 years, both in church settings and Bible school.  To that end, please listen to the sermons listed on the site, and tell others about them.  Upon receiving the gift of salvation through the plan of Father God, the best way we can give glory to our Living Hope in Jesus is by being a Disciple of the Word.  For it is GOD’S WORD that will change lives and encourage others to receive that change as well.

We still believe that ~

  •  The Old and New Testaments are God’s divinely inspired words
  •  The One True God is One God manifested in three Persons; Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.
  •  Jesus Christ is true God and true man.
  •  Man is a created being who, through Adam’s voluntary transgression, has fallen.
  •  Salvation has been provided through Jesus Christ for all men.
  •  The baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues is a gift given after salvation
  •  Healing is provided in the redemptive work of Christ for every believer.
  • Jesus Christ is visibly returning for His church.

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