Welcome to the Cleansing Seminar —your personal journey to freedom. For years many of us in the Body of Christ have wrestled with the events of our past, unable to stop the pulsating pain. Others have fought valiantly to discipline their flesh without receiving freedom from the torment. Still others cannot stop the voices that condemn and drag them toward a compulsion that has trapped them all of their lives.

We all wrestle. Our fear, shame, and rejection hinder us from being open and transparent so that we can get the help we truly desire. Whether you have been born again for only a matter of moments or have walked with God for decades, each of us are “unfinished projects” in need of the Master’s touch.

The Cleansing Seminar will help you in this life-changing transformation process. It includes four monthly teaching ses­ sions, Study Guide and daily homework. For you to experience deliverance during this four-month season, you must confront your personal sin and weakened will, as well as places of demonic intrusion.

Session One — Alignment
In the Alignment session you will learn how to consistently walk in the Spirit resulting in a sensitivety to hear God’s voice, receive spiritual protection, and mature spiritually as a believer.

Session Two — Consecration

The Consecration teaching walks you through simple steps to consistently entrust every area of your life into the hands of God. He must be Lord of your life for you to experience deliverance.

Session Three — Words
The Bible teaches that we are in bond­ age because of the words of our own lips. We have cursed ourselves! During this third month of the seminar we dismantle these curses.

Session Four — Cleansing
Jesus has come to set the captive free! The focus of this session is to bring clarity to the topic of deliverance. You will be able to identify the areas of your soul where you have given the enemy a foothold and the right to bring torment to your daily life.

The Cleansing Seminar Retreat
After making these biblical truths a lifestyle, you are prepared to experience the supernatural ministry of deliverance. The fifth session is a weekend ministry retreat were we invite the Holy Spirit to demonstrate His power to deliver.